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How to gift a package

Guide how to gift package to someone else. 


1) Get a steam profile of your friend and find his/her custom ID


2) Click on "Gift this package"  and then copy-paste his/her custom steamid in this textbox (red) and click on Gift (green button)


(EGS Epic Game Store)

1) Get the epicid of your friend/the person you want to gift to.  Your friend will need to complete the "How to get your EpicID in-game" process prior to checkout. (Please note, the number should be fairly long, a 16 digit number.  IT SHOULD NEVER BE A ZERO!  If you get a zero, you did something incorrectly and will need to try again!)

2)Instead of gifting, you checkout as normal and where it says:


enter in the number your friend gave you upon completion of the "How to get your EpicID in-game" video.

3)Complete checkout and you are done!

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