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Ark FunHouse Settings

Server Settings:

* Map(s): Valguero
* 70 Slot Server
* Taming: 10x, Gather: 20x, Maturation: 20x, XP: 5x (modified level requirements so you reach max level quicker)
* Hatch Speed: 9x, baby food consumption half of default
* Engram Adjustment (enough engrams available to unlock EVERYTHING)
* Max Dino Lvl: 600
* Max Player Lvl: 135
* Dino Weight,Health, and Melee up 2.5 over default
* Dino destroy and auto destroy structures after 30 days of inactivity.
* Cave flyers disabled
* Food and Water drain set to half of default
* Default daytime/nighttime cycle
* Player health recovers 5x faster than default
* Third Person player view enabled as well as crosshair
* Fishing loot quality set to 5x
* Boosted Loot Quality from drops
* Built in Rewards System that has its own vault with pages of in-game purchasable cosmetics and boss shortcut packs

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