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Feature one 1 Key 3 Keys 6 Keys 10 Keys 50 Keys
Feature two 2 Homes 7 Homes 10 Homes 15 Homes 30 Homes
Feature three VIP Kit VIP+ Kit LEGEND Kit Godly Kit Infamous Kit
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Ark PVP Settings


*   Current Season 3
*   Map(s): The Center, The Island, Aberration, Ragnarok, Scorched Earth, Extinction
*   70 Slot Servers
*   XP: 5x, Taming/Maturation: 8x, Gather: 10x  (modified level requirements so you reach max level quicker)
*   Element Node gather rates for extinction 2.5x of official
*   Tribe Member Limit: 6, Tribe Name Change Cooldown: 15 days
*   Player Alliances Disabled
*   Rates Doubled on weekends (Friday-Monday morning)
*   Baby food consumption half of official
*   Engram Adjustment (enough engrams available to unlock EVERYTHING at level 105)
*   Max Dino Lvl: Default Difficulty Settings
*   Max Player Lvl: Default with ascension
*   Dino turret damage up 1.5 over official
*   Dino imprint bonus 1.5 over official
*   Player Health, Stamina, Torpidity, Oxygen, Food, Water, Fortitude multiplier all 2x over vanilla settings, Player weight multiplier 5x over official.
*   Stacking mod that reduces all weights by 50%.
*   Player auto destroy dinos/structures after demo timer is reached (2 weeks of inactivity). This ensures server is cleaned of old assets automatically.
*   Cave flyers disabled
*   Food and Water drain set to half of official
*   Default daytime/nighttime cycle
*   Player health recovers 4x faster than official
*   Third Person player view enabled as well as crosshair
*   Completely Custom coded drops for bosses (excluding extinction at this time)
*   Built in Rewards System that has its own vault with pages of in-game purchasable cosmetics, kits, and boss shortcut packs. Availability of rewards will vary depending on the age of the current season
*   New player protection: Our PVP cluster will provide late season joiners with temporary protection to all their structures for an allocated period of time depending on how late they joined. This is to ensure that new players can catch up to the current existing players on the cluster.

Mod List

PVP Disabled Items
For balance we have disabled the following items:

* All S+ Turrets
* S+ Transmitter
* S+ Personal Teleporter
* S+ Teleporter
* S+ Tek Forcefield
* S+ Repair Gun
* S+ Repulser Pad
* S+ Auto Crafter
* S+ Incinerator

For balance we have modified the following settings:

* All S+ Vacuum Chambers can only be placed in water
* Platform+ Tek Shields