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Feature one 1 Key 3 Keys 6 Keys 10 Keys 50 Keys
Feature two 2 Homes 7 Homes 10 Homes 15 Homes 30 Homes
Feature three VIP Kit VIP+ Kit LEGEND Kit Godly Kit Infamous Kit
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Ark PVE Survival Settings

PVE Settings Overview

* Map(s): The Center, The Island, Aberration, Ragnarok, Scorched Earth, Extinction, Valguero, Genesis
* 70 Slot Servers
* XP: 3x, Taming/Maturation: 5x, Gather: 3x (modified level requirements so you reach max level quicker)
* Tribe Member Limit: 8, Tribe Name Change Cooldown: 30 days
* Player Alliances Enabled
* Rates Doubled on weekends (Friday-Monday morning)
* Engram Adjustment (enough engrams available through ascension to unlock EVERYTHING)
* Max Dino Lvl: Default Difficulty Settings
* Max Player Lvl: Default with ascension
* Dino turret damage up 2.0 over default
* Player Health, Stamina, Torpidity, Oxygen, Food, Water, Fortitude multiplier all 2x over vanilla settings, Player weight multiplier 5x over vanilla.
* Tamed Dino weight increased 4x over vanilla.
* Stacking mod that reduces all weights by 50%.
* Player auto destroy dinos/structures after demo timer is reached (1 month of inactivity). This ensures server is cleaned of old assets automatically.
* Cave flyers disabled
* Food and Water drain set to half of default
* Default daytime/nighttime cycle
* Player health recovers 3x faster than default
* Third Person player view enabled as well as crosshair
* Completely Custom coded drops for bosses (excluding extinction at this time)
* Built in Rewards System that has its own vault with pages of in-game purchasable cosmetics, kits, and boss shortcut packs.

PVE Disabled Items

For balance we have disabled the following items:

* Chainsaw
* Upgrade Station: Blueprint Station

For balance we have modified the following settings:

* Increased Higher Level Spawns on all maps.
* Crafting Requirements for Augments on the Augment Station.

Mod List 

Dino Mod Changes:

Other Notes:
This cluster is meant to be more of a challenge cluster, as such, we will NOT be utilizing the S+ mod. If you wish to build using this mod, please see our legacy pve cluster. Thank You.